Dry Figs/Anjeer 250g


Dry Fig

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Nuts Over U Figs/Anjeer is good in taste and has many health benefits. Figs are rich in fiber and many essential minerals such as calcium, vitamin B6, copper. Figs whether fresh or dried, are rich in powerful antioxidants and should be consumed in your diet for its maximum benefits.It contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that aid in improving health.


Health Benefits:

-Boosts heart health

-Helps prevent constipation

-Regulates blood sugar

-Promotes reproductive health


Nuts Over U is a premium nuts and dry fruits brand. It offers the finest variety of nuts and dry fruits from all over the world. At Nuts Over U, we thrive to bring the taste and health together in a single pack. Harvesting, processing, quality and hygiene are the major parameters that are carefully followed by Super Healthy Foods.

Our products are processed and well packed under Super Healthy Foods.